🚞 Dapol Announce N Gauge Class 143/ 144 Pacers

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Dapol have announced plans for a new range of both Class 143 and Class 144 'Pacer' diesel multiple units in N gauge. A number of models will be produced covering the full history of these infamous DMUs. 143s and 144s were used across the North of England, the South West and in South Wales, meaning they are useful for a wide variety of layouts. 

Engineering samples have been showcased in this initial announcement, with artwork expected soon. The final models are expected to arrive during Q4 2025.

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Class 143

Product Features

A powered and a dummy car in each set

All-new super-detailed bodywork with flush glazing

Separate handrails, wipers and exhaust pipes

Correct underframes for Class 143 and Class 144

Tooling variants for front end and roof differences (original and combined light clusters / with or without radio pod)

NEM Pockets with Scharfenberg-style end coupling compatible with our Class 142, 153 and 156 units.

Finely applied detail and decoration

Close coupling with extendable corridor connections

Electrical through coupling for improved running

All wheel drive on the powered car

DCC-Ready and DCC-Fitted versions available

Light-Bar ready

Directional lights on both cars, independently controllable internal (where fitted) and external lighting

Prototype Information

The Class 143 and 144 Pacer DMUs were a series of 2 and 3-car units with Andrew Barclay bodywork on a 4-wheel diesel chassis. Despitetheir unpopularity with passengers, these distinctive little trains lasted in service until 2021.

Image by Kevin Prince

The Class 143s also had the chassis built by Andrew Barclay. 25 units were built, initially working around Tyneside before moving to the South-West and Wales. With the many changes of operators since privatisation, numerous livery choices are possible.

The Class 144s featured BREL-built underframes and spent their careers based in Leeds, working local and regional services. Ten unitsreceived centre cars in 1987. Although intended for local journeys, the 144s worked as far afield as Manchester, Lancaster, Morecambe,Lincoln, Hull, Scarborough and Cleethorpes.

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