Cobalt iP Analog Turnout Control Pack

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Cobalt iP Analog Turnout Control Pack

This great value bundle pack has everything you need to install, connect, wire up, power and control your motorised turnouts - all independently from your track control method! Not only that, but the Cobalt iP Analog motors also have DCC Concepts famous lifetime warranty!
Due into stock soon 


Order today for £254.95 (RRP £299.95)

If you purchased all of these items separately it would come to £339.65!
• 1x Cobalt iP Analog (12 Pack) (DCP-CB12iP) with FREE Lifetime Warranty
• 2x Cobalt iP Analog Switch Pack with LEDs (DCP-CBSRD) to build your control panel with plug-in, push-fit LEDs
• 1x 12V DC Split Power Supply Kit (DCP-SPS12) including wall plugs and splitter board
• 1x 3-Wire RGB Ribbon (5m) (DCD-RGB) for connecting the power supply to your switches
• 2x 2-Wire Red/Black Layout Wire (5m) (RCA-RBW.5) for connecting your switches to your turnout motors
• 1x Wiring Instructions – a leaflet showing how to connect everything together on your layout

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