Clayton Class 18 CBD80 / CBD90 CAD Completed

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Revolution Trains have completed their CAD for the forthcoming Clayton Class 18 CBD80 / CBD90 locomotives.

An additional version to the line-up. The Beacon version now consists of two light variations. The single light version 18001-5 and 18006-15 which features the BMAC light cluster. Both are being tooled by Revolution trains and both can now be pre-ordered at Rails.

These models are available to pre-order exclusively from Rails of Sheffield. Order Here

CAD work is complete for the forthcoming Class 18 CBD-90 Clayton hybrid shunters in 00 gauge. Versions are being offered in both Tata steel, Beacon and Sellafield versions.

The Tata and Beacon locomotives are battery powered, and usually charged overnight, however each carries a small ancillary diesel engine to allow them to recharge the batteries if operational needs do not permit adequate mains recharging time.

The models will feature a powerful Bo-bo chassis, with twin flywheels, operational directional lights and factory fitted speakers. Plux-22 DCC decoders will also be featured. The models will be supplied with decorated blanking plates for added realism if the NEM-compatible tension lock coupler is not required.

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