Class 104 Samples

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New Heljan BRCW Class 104 DMUs Decorated Samples!
Sets pictured are the BR Green and Blue 'Blackpool' 3 car sets.

Take a look at the pictures attached plus make sure you pre order below.
Range being released as either a 2 or 3 Car Set. Pricing below, all sets available with FREE UK POSTAGE
2 Car Sets - £330.65 (RRP £389.00)
3 Car Sets - £415.65 (RRP £489.00)
Expected Q2 2024
Class 104 2 Car DMU E50598/E56189 BR Green Small Yellow Panels

Class 104 2 Car DMU L701 53437/53479 Revised Network SouthEast

Class 104 2 Car DMU M53421/M53529 BR Blue

Class 104 2 Car DMU SC53424/SC53434 ScotRail Mexican Bean

Class 104 3 Car DMU BX487 M53424/M59207/M53434 BR Blue/Grey

Class 104 3 Car DMU M50472/M59180/M50524 BR Blue Blackpool

Class 104 3 Car DMU M50436/M59141/M50488 BR Blue (Full Yellow Ends / Headcode Panel)

Class 104 3 Car DMU M50422/M59134/M50426 BR Green (Early) with Lion & Wheel Emblem

Class 104 3 Car DMU M50478/M59186/M50530 BR Green (Speed Whiskers and Coaching Stock roundel)
The '104s' are among the most complex models we've ever developed, with a huge range of detail variations to cab ends, roofs, interiors, body details and more. The models also have a superb range of DCC, lighting and other features, including...
  • Illuminated headcode panel and destination blinds
  • Separately switchable headlamps
  • Separately switchable cab lights
  • Separately switchable tail lights
  • Separately passenger saloon lights
  • Factory fitted speakers in all DMBS and DMCL cars
  • 16/24-wheel pick-up
  • 21-pin DCC decoder interface in DMBS car
  • Through wiring between all cars hidden in gangways
  • Super-strong magnetic couplings within each set
  • Super-thin body shells with fine flush glazing
  • 2x types of sprung buffers
  • LMR or ER cab footsteps
  • LMR or ER van doors
  • Extensive underframe/engine detail
  • Fully detailed interiors with First/Second Class seating
  • Superbly detailed cab interiors
  • Easy-to-remove bodies with retaining magnets
  • Etched metal bogie swing links, lamp irons and water pipes
  • Separately fitted roof vents (or blanking plates)
  • 2-car ER Power-Trailer or NSE Power Twin options
This much-requested and widely travelled First Generation DMU now in development, providing the ideal companion for other HELJAN OO gauge models, including the Class 25, 45 and 47.

This model will be available in a wide range of BR liveries covering the life of the class from 1957 until retirement of the final sets in 1993.

With 302 vehicles built to six different car types, the ‘104s’ are the largest group of BR diesel railcars not currently available in ready-to-run form. The only previous RTR model was produced for ‘TT’ gauge in the late-1950s.

Although synonymous with the Manchester area and the routes to Buxton and Blackpool, the units worked across a wide area of northern England and the Midlands and towards the end of their career ventured further afield to Scotland and the south-east of England.

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