Bachmann Summer 2022 Announcements!

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Bachmann's Summer 2022 Announcements!


Bachmann have today announced their Summer 2022 releases!

The key parts of the range can be viewed below, with the full range available to order now! As always with new Bachmann announcements limited numbers are expected, so make sure to order ASAP to secure yours on release. These new announcements expected within the next few months!



Sounds of the 60s from Graham Farish

In N scale, further SOUND FITTED version of the Class 60 diesel locomotive have been added to the Graham Farish range now that the upgrades to this model, to allow for the fitting of a sound decoder and speaker, have been completed. Alongside these SOUND FITTED additions, a new model in DB Schenker, Army Red livery has been revealed. All the Graham Farish Class 60s now benefit from a pre-fitted speaker and Next18 DCC decoder socket, whilst SOUND FITTED models are fitted with a Zimo MX659N18 sound decoder.

A Loadhaul Class 37 and InterCity Swallow-liveried Class 08 join the Graham Farish range, the latter also being offered with SOUND FITTED, whilst the accessory range has been boosted, most notably with the addition of various different types of wagon and coach bogies.

Class 60 60044 'Ailsa Craig' Mainline Freight

Class 60 60100 'Midland Railway - Butterley' DB Cargo

Class 60 60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' DB Schenker/Army Red

Class 60 60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary' DB Schenker/Army Red - DCC Sound

Sales Area Exclusive Initiative Expands to N Scale

The first N scale Sales Area Exclusive models were also announced today; this initiative supports Bachmann’s valued network of retail stores and has seen various OO scale models released in recent years, each being available only from retailers in selected areas of the country.

Class 37/0 37116 BR Blue (Large Logo) Diesel Locomotive (Regional Special)

A Colourful Trio of 90s from Bachmann Branchline

The highly acclaimed Bachmann Branchline OO scale Class 90 is offered in three new liveries; EWS, Rail Express Systems and Freightliner G&W. All three colourful machines are available in standard or SOUND FITTED format and are fitted with a finely-rendered Pantograph which can be raised or lowered via the built-in servo motor when operated on DCC Sound.  

Class 90 90019 'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems

Class 90 90019 'Penny Black' Rail Express Systems - DCC Sound

Class 90 90044 Freightliner G&W

Class 90 90044 Freightliner G&W - DCC Sound

Class 90 90030 'Crewe Locomotive Works' EWS

Class 90 90030 'Crewe Locomotive Works' EWS - DCC Sound

In OO Gauge SOUND FITTED first generation Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) ) with the Bachmann Branchline Class 419 MLV. The Motor Luggage Van (MLV) will be a welcome addition to the Branchline range, joining models like the Class 410 4BEP and the Class 411 4CEP which make the perfect running partners and allow prototypical trains to be created.

Class 419 MLV S68002 BR (SR) Green - DCC Sound

Class 419 MLV S68008 BR Blue & Grey - DCC Sound

Further Class 08 Shunters have been added to the OO Gauge range by Bachmann, three versions added in this ever growing range.

Class 08 08031 BR Blue

Class 08 08502 Harry Needle Railroad Company Blue

Class 08 08785 Freightliner G&W

A new version of one of this years most popular releases, the EFE Rail London Underground 1938 Tube Stock.

Following the success of the first EFE Rail motorised Tube Train which arrived earlier this year, we are pleased to present a further version, this time in the more contemporary Bus Red livery with white roundels and car numbers, as applied to units selected for a life-extending Extra Heavy Overhaul which was undertaken at the London Transport Works in Acton in the 1970s.

London Underground 1938 Tube Stock, 1970s Bakerloo line EHO Set


A additional release is expected in the N Gauge range of Class 08 Shunters, with a DCC Sound version also expected

Class 08 08950 'Neville Hill 1st' BR InterCity (Swallow)

Class 08 08950 'Neville Hill 1st' BR InterCity (Swallow) - DCC Sound

A additional Class 37 has also been announced in N Gauge to go with the Regional Exclusive BR Blue model listed above

Class 37/5 Refurbished 37513 Loadhaul

A massive amount of new accessories (including coach & wagon bogies) and Scenecraft buildings in N, OO and O Gauge have also been announced, view the whole range using the link below:


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