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Bachmann Kinesis - Model Railway Control Redefined

Kinesis Wireless DCC System Arriving 2024

At the Warley Show we revealed Kinesis – our new Digital Command Control (DCC) system! The Bachmann stand was reconfigured to create the Kinesis Theatre where the system was presented by our head of Kinesis development to an eager audience. Such was the anticipation that every presentation drew a full crowd with standing room only throughout the weekend, whilst shorter demonstrations were available continuously from a separate area of the Bachmann stand.

View the whole Kinesis range at the link below, with more details further down

The Kinesis system has been built from the ground up and developed entirely in-house to produce a flexible wireless digital control system unlike any other. Built around Bachmann’s RailController computer control software, the Kinesis system provides control via PC, App or the wireless Kinesis Edge Handset.


The Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack will be released in 2024 with a RRP of £399.95.

Pre order the Kinesis Starter Pack from Rails for £339.95

Each Starter Pack includes a Kinesis Hub DCC Base Station, a Kinesis Edge Wireless Handset and a full licensed copy of RailController software, allowing users to operate their model railway with DCC via PC, App or with the Edge Handset, or with any combination of these – with operation synchronised across all devices so that multiple devices can be used simultaneously.

You can also individually pre order certain parts of the Kinesis Starter Pack.

The Hub DCC Base Station is central to the Kinesis system, with 2.4GHz wireless capability and built-in Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, the Hub provides outputs to the main track and programming track and can be connected to a PC running RailController.
The Hub’s backlit LCD Screen provides real time information whilst the 2amp power supply will provide enough power to run N, OO, OO9 and O scale models – a high power booster will also be available to provide additional power where necessary. With the Hub connected to any layout, locomotives, points and accessories can be controlled using the RailController software on a PC or using Android and Apple compatible Apps.
The Hub DCC Base Station unlocks the full potential of RailController allowing CVs to be read and written using the software alone. The new RailController App for Android and Apple devices provides a simplified hand-held version of RailController, with rosters, points and accessories all replicated in the app for easy and enjoyable operation. Create a mimic track plan with RailController and switch between the locomotive controller and track plan instantly in the app by rotating the device. When using multiple devices, each device is synchronised with one another in real time, allowing seamless transition from one device to another, or one user to another.
Kinesis Hub price TBC, pre order at the link below:
The Edge Wireless Handset connects to the Hub Base Station via 2.4GHz wireless providing fast, responsive, uninterrupted communication. The OLED screen provides a crisp, clean display whilst the numeric keypad is supplemented by a second, dedicated expandable function keypad with 10 function buttons (operating in up to 6 banks). CVs can be read and written using the Edge, which also allows users to write short, automated programs directly from the handset. Whilst the Edge and Hub can be used together as a standalone system, connect the Hub to a PC running RailController software and the Edge handset becomes even more versatile. Sophisticated programs can be written using RailController and activated using the Edge, and locomotives, points and accessories can be downloaded from RailController and accessed instantly from the Edge handset. With a range of up to 50 Metres, the wireless handset provides up to 12 hours of use and is chargeable via the USB port, with an optional charging dock available separately. Up to five Edge handsets can be used with one Hub Base Station and additional handsets will be available to purchase separately.
Edge Wireless Handset can be pre ordered below, price TBC.

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