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Accurascale have provided have provided updates on the forthcoming wagon projects. The "Powering Britain" series of coal and biomass wagons from all ages of the railways has proven very popular indeed, from the 21 ton mineral wagons (MDO and MDV) arriving already this year (many versions SOLD OUT) to launch of the iconic MGR wagon range of HAA, HBA, HCA, and constituents.

Also featured below is the NER 4T Chaldron wagons which were announced Autumn 2021. Further news also provided on the HYA coal hoppers, IIA biomass (and cutdown HYA aggregate hoppers too!).


Accurascale's latest arrivals, the MDO / MDV and Coil A wagon packs have continued to be extremely popular since there arrival in October. Several versions are already sold out with limited stock remaining on many other versions. Announced back in November 2020 the British Railways unfitted 21 ton mineral wagon 1/107 pattern (later classed as MDO under the TOPS system) and the British Railways vacuum braked 21 ton mineral wagon 1/120 pattern (later classed as MDV under the TOPS system).

These wagons are available in three packs, priced at £74.95 each, with FREE UK SHIPPING! Our own version of the MDV wagons (in MC Metals livery and pictured above) is still available at £74.95. Plus our own custom weathered version at £84.95.

VIEW HERE HYA, IIA and Cutdown HYA Wagons

The next wagon due in stock are the most modern coal wagons built for the network, the HYAs. Along with the IIA Biomass and cutdown HYA aggregate hoppers they are now complete and on their way to Accurascale.

They've had to make modifications to the internal packaging as the initial vac form did not protect the wagons adequately, following testing, so each wagon had to be fully repackaged following modifications before departure. These will now arrive with us in mid January 2022. Priced at £74.95 for a two pack of these wagons with FREE UK SHIPPING. Our own DRS wagon pack twin pack (pictured above) is available to pre order at £74.95.


The first delivery of these wagons will arrive in stock towards the end of Q1 2022 consisting of the HAA, HCA and CDA. These will then be followed by the remaining MHA, HDA, HMA and HBA which will arrive in Q2 2022.

These have progressed swiftly, with the first production samples arriving with Accurascale this week for assessment.

Each wagon pack consists of three differently numbered wagons are available for £74.95 per pack with FREE UK SHIPPING. Artwork for each wagon pack has been added to each individual listing, click the link above to view!

VIEW HERE NER 4t Chaldron Wagons

The most recent wagon announcement from Accurascale goes back to the very beginning of the railways and the start of our "Powering Britain" series, the little Chaldron wagons.

In use up to the 1970s in industrial/colliery user lines, our model has proven extremely popular, with over 70% of the production run already pre-ordered with Accurascale!

Available in a three pack for £44.99, these are currently in production and expected Q2 2022.

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