Accurascale OO Siphon G Bogie Van Samples Arrive!

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Accurascale OO Siphon G Bogie Van Samples Arrive!
Pre Order with Rails at £54.95 each


Accurascale gave the first glimpse of the decorated samples a couple of weeks ago with the announcement of their latest "Accurascale Exclusive" release, the Enparts Siphon G with bespoke tooling to cover the vans at the very end of their mainline careers. Now, it's time to preview the rest of the range!
These decorated samples allow Accurascale to assess the livery application of the models, the quality of the paint finish, and the colours used to ensure that they get the final models as spot on as possible for modellers who will eventually run them on their layouts or add them to their collections.
Decorated samples also allow for checking of general fit and finish of parts, and while good in many areas on these samples, there is room for improvement in several aspects. Accurascale’s design team have instructed the factory to correct these areas on the production models.
Accurascale will also be using a matt finish on the production models, moving away from the satin finish on these samples to be more representative of a wooden bodied vehicle. Wheels will also be blackened to a new standard, along with the metal buffers.
These final tweaks are minor in the production process but will elevate these models from "very good" to the "gold standard" Accurascale continuously push for. The sheer variation and detail Accurascale have put into these vans sets a new bar when it comes to non-passenger carrying coaching stock and allows them to depict these iconic vans across their long and varied career.
With such minor amendments required, Accurascale can soon start production, allowing them to keep to their schedule for delivery in late Q4 2022/early Q1 2023 before the factory closes for Chinese New Year.

Common Features:

  • Highly-detailed OO Gauge / 1:76.2 Scale Models on 16.5mm track
  • Extremely fine exterior detail on roof and coach ends
  • Separately-applied etched metal and high-fidelity plastic parts, including handrails, brake/steam heat pipes, cabling, footsteps (with tread)
  • Fully-detailed underframe with numerous finely details separate parts, pipe runs and accurate differences between versions
  • Replica scale, finely detailed bogies
  • Blackened RP25.110 profile wheel-sets with 14.4mm back-to-back measurements, and 26mm over pinpoints running in brass bearings
  • Correct height NEM standard coupling sockets with mini tension lock couplers
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Coach Length: 216mm

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