Accurascale HYA / IIA Wagon Packs

Posted by Oliver Davies on

Accurascale's IIA Biomass, HYA Bogie and Cutdown HYA wagon packs are due very soon.

Update: We have just been informed that the delivery of our Accurascale HYA / IIA bogie hopper wagon packs is due to be delivered on Tuesday 19/04/22. The shipment has been held up in customs entering the UK so unfortunately the delay is out of Accurascale and our control. We will begin to process and depatch orders as soon the delivery arrives.

There are four IIA Biomass wagon packs finished in the GBRf / VTG livery.

There are seven cutdown HYA wagon packs finished in various liveries including GBRf, Cemex, Tarmac and Nacco.

There are eight HYA wagon packs finished in various liveries including GBRf, Fastline and an exclusive DRS livery.


Many packs are already sold out at Accurascale, so don't delay and order yours today here at Rails.


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