Accurascale Announce New Coil A Wagons

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The Coils Are Back In Town! Accurascale Brings Back The Coil A Wagons

Accurascale today announces the return of the OO Gauge BR diagram 1/412 to Lot 3450 Coil A wagons to their range, featuring subtle improvements and new identities to reflect the diverse lives and eras of the real wagons.

Similar to the MDO and MDV production runs of wagons, the Coil A models are also receiving some slight tweaks to the chassis area, including 26mm axles to allow finescale conversion to be a little bit simpler.

Two packs are on offer in this latest production run, both with TOPS marking of SFV and SFW respectively. To reflect the fragility of the tarp covers throughout their careers, this latest run of wagons feature patches and differing colours which are all based on prototype photos to cater for the varied nature of the real wagons.

Delivery is slated for Q2 2023.

 Production capacity is limited, so make sure you pre-order these packs today.

Order the following versions:

BR Coil A/SFW Steel Wagon TOPS Bauxite - Pack E

Common features:

  • Pack of three wagons, each with individual numbers
  • NEM standard coupler pockets
  • Narrow tension lock couplers included
  • RP25.88 darkened profile sets with 14.4mm back-to-backs and 26mm over pinpoints
  • Metal 3-hole disc wagon wheels on metal axles - 12.6mm
  • Designed for easy conversion to P4 and EM gauges
  • Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts and sprung buffers
  • Individual lettering and codes from real wagons for authenticity



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