Accurascale Announce New Chaldron Batch

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Accurascale have today announced a new run of the popular OO Gauge NER 4T Chaldron Wagons Packs!

That's not all, the first run of Chaldron wagons can be ordered from Rails. With one version already sold out, others are not close behind

All triple packs priced at £44.99 each! This new run is expected Q2 2022.


Pack of 3 - Chaldron Wagon North Eastern Railway
Pack L: North Eastern Railway - Three P1 style Chaldrons, circa 1890, numbered 5723, 3399 and 3374

Pack of 3 - Chaldron Wagon Seaham Harbour
Pack M: Seaham Dock Co. - Three 4T ‘Black Waggons’, in three body styles, circa 1950s, numbered 11, 39 and 18.
Pack of 3 - Chaldron Wagon Throckley Colliery

Pack N: The Throckley Coal Company
Three P1 style Chaldrons, two fitted with additional ‘Greedy Boards’, circa 1946, numbered 133, 104 and 108.

Pack of 3 - Chaldron Wagon Harton Colliery
Pack O: The Harton Coal Company -
Two P1 style Chaldrons and an S&DR style Chaldron, circa 1910, numbered 502, 372 and 288.

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