📅 Revolution Trains OO JNA/ MMA Wagon Order Deadline

Posted by Jack Morgan on


Revolution Trains are producing a new batch of their popular OO gauge JNA/ MMA "EALNOS" bogie open wagons. 21 new variations are expected in Q3 2024 covering a number of GB Railfreight, VTG, Wascosa, Touax, Ermewa and DB Cargo liveries.

The guaranteed pre-order deadline has been set for Sunday 31st March 2024. We highly recommend you pre-order before this date to ensure we can fulfill your models!


£48.95 (Standard)

£52.95 (With Tail lamp fitted)



Product Features:

  • Highly detailed model with separately fitted parts including handrails, lamp irons, pipework, handbrake wheels and more
  • Accurate tooling variations including alternate numbers of ribs and side doors (or lack thereof)
  • Intricately applied liveries and printing
  • Some variations pre-fitted with working tail lamp
  • NEM tension lock couplings

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