Revolution Trains RT-PFA001-A PFA 2 axle container flat with Cawoods yellow containers (Triple Pack) - Version A

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Product Description

Revolution is working with Accurascale to offer the 2 axle PFA container flats in N gauge. The PFAs were introduced in 1986 to carry coal for Cawoods in a distinctive open yellow container. During the 1990s some of the containers were repainted into British Fuels red (and some in CPL Distribution green and later some in RJB Housecoal blue). In 2001 DRS started to use PFAs with their own reduced height containers to carry low level nuclear waste (LLNW) from nuclear sites to Sellafield/Drigg.

Each triple pack will have 3 individually numbered wagons and where there are multiple triple packs each wagon will have different running numbers.