Parkside PC85 GWR 6 Ton Insulated Van Mica B (Diag. X7)

  • PC85
  • Parkside
  • OO Gauge Scale
GWR 6 Ton Insulated Van Mica B (Diag. X7)
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Product Description

‘Mica B’ X7 These vans were built in 1921 - 1923 to carry fresh or chilled meat. Some vans were converted to TEVANS in the 1930s. Most survived into Nationalisation in 1948 and a few into the early 1960s. These finely moulded plastic wagon kits come complete with pin point axle wheels and bearings. Glue and paint will be required, along with appropriate transfers . Additional parts to enable the vehicle to be modelled incorporating modifications made to the prototypes during their working life are included where appropriate.