Ticket to Ride: First Journey Europe Board Game

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Product Description

Easy to learn and quick to play, Ticket to Ride: First Journey is the perfect introduction to the Ticket to Ride series.

Players collect train cards, claim routes on the map, and try to connect the cities shown on their tickets to achieve victory.

So climb aboard and embark on your very own railway adventure!

  • Player Count: 2-4 Players
  • Time: 15-30 minutes
  • Age: 6+

Ticket To Ride: First Journey (Europe) takes its younger audience into mind with some rule changes. This game isn’t about earning the most points (like the original). Instead, the winner is the first player to complete six tickets. Players start with twenty trains – fewer than in regular Ticket To Ride – so it’s a quicker game (for those with, ahem, shorter attention spans!). Another way someone can win is if they place down all twenty of their trains. If they do, then the player who’s completed the most tickets at that time wins!

The routes on this map are between one to three trains in length, so set collection is a little kinder. Also, since there’s no points, players don’t get penalised for not completing tickets. In fact, if both of your tickets get blocked, First Journey allows players to spend their turn swapping the dud tickets for two new ones.

The colours on the board pop and there’s cute artwork for each city, which will delight the little ones. Publisher Days of Wonder have done it again! First Journey (Europe) goes to show that there’s a Ticket To Ride game out there for everyone.