Cavalex Models CM - 56049 – CR Class 56 049 "Robin of Templecombe' Colas Rail Diesel Locomotive

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Cavalex pleased to announce Colas 56049 “Robin of Templecombe” as a part of the Cavalex Class 56 range.

With 56049 having alternate cabs following damage sustained to the number two end, we are really excited to be producing this present day locomotive. We wanted to provide an option for the modern image modeller to be able to purchase the Cavalex ‘Grid’ - a big thank you to Colas Rail for their help and for working with us to produce this model.

Features of Cavalex Colas 56049:

  • Rubber sealed cab front windows (Number 1 end)
  • Partial bufferbeam cowling, side plates removed (Number 1 end)
  • Steel cab side windows
  • Diamond mesh side grilles, cantrail grilles and roof grille
  • Revised roof grilles (above electrical compartment)
  • Distinctive fabricated cab shape (Number 2 end)
  • Etched “Robin of Templecombe” name plates
  • Alternate cab designs at each end with distinctive Colas high intensity headlight

The model is already significantly advanced and currently at the tooling stage, having been in the works for the past few years. All variants of the 56 are being tooled, to accurately cover all 135 locomotives produced between 1976 and 1984.

The Cavalex 56 has been designed completely from scratch, based on original works drawings from both Electroputere and BREL. Having incorporated numerous innovations into the model which they plan to showcase in the future. Whilst the 56 has been released by other manufacturers in the past, it was an obvious choice for Cavalex given the prototype ran with all of the released and forthcoming wagons, and being 56 fans, Cavalex wanted to capture the distinct differences between the four main versions of the ‘Grid’. They have deliberately chosen prototypes that don’t conflict with existing models of the class, whilst also releasing liveries never seen in 4mm scale. This extends to liveries not seen on certain versions; for example Red Stripe Railfreight on a Romanian built Class 56.

The locomotive will incorporate the following features:

  • A wealth of separately fitted parts, including bogies which aren’t just one piece mouldings to allow for proper detail relief
  • Photo etched grilles throughout the model
  • All wheel pick up and innovative automatic flange squeal activated via magnetic hall sensors
  • Alloy chassis to allow the locomotive to pull prototypical wagon rakes
  • 5 pole motor with twin flywheels, geared for prototypical running speeds with superb slow speed control
  • 21 pin DCC interface, with easy DCC fitting provision via removable roof panel to the number 2 end
  • DCC sound with custom ESU project for our factory fitted sound version and stay alive fitted to all models
  • Sound model has an EM1 type Speaker with additional sugar cube speaker in the chassis as standard for a balanced combination of low and high frequency sounds to accurately reproduce the prototype via a custom recorded sound project
  • Drop in EM/P4 wheelset packs available to order separately to coincide with the release of the model ORDER HERE
  • Separately motor operated roof fans via a function output on DCC, or when moving on DC
  • Etched name plates as appropriate
  • Both standard and revised cantrail grill options depending on prototype.

The Cavalex 56 will be produced to the same high standard of finish as the highly regarded PGA and BBA/BLA wagons, incorporating similar levels of detail and innovation.