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Rapido Trains UK have today shared with us all a massive update on the eagerly awaited and hugely popular and iconic The Titfield Thunderbolt range!

922003 The Buffet Car (ex-Wisbech & Upwell tramcar) (previously The Titfield Thunderbolt Rolling Stock Pack (Containing the Buffet Car and Brake Van No. W68740 plus figures)

RRP confirmed by Rapido at £74.95 with the pre order price confirmed with Rails at £63.70!

This was previously announced as being a pack including a 'Toad' Brake Van and figures however, subsequent research has revealed that No. W118814 is actually a different diagram ‘Toad’ and so 922003 just contains the ex-W&U tramcar.

Rapido have set a final order deadline for The Titfield Thunderbolt trains pack both standard and deluxe versions can continue to ordered with Rails Of Sheffield! Be quick however, we envision both versions to be sold out before release.

Regarding The Titfield Thunderbolt Deluxe Train Pack these are to no longer be produced with figures included, injection moulding does not achieve the same level of detail that 3D printing can produce. There is plans to produce these in the future however, with further information expected in the future!

The whole Titfield Thunderbolt range can be pre ordered HERE

Progress Update

Rapido have also given us a run-down on the other projects currently in production:

'OO’ gauge LNER Dynamometer Car

As we reported yesterday production is nearly finished on the new range of OO Gauge Dynamometer Cars, these and our own Rails Limited version in BR Maroon are expected to leave the factory later this month.

‘OO’ gauge Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST

Production is making good progress and we expect them to be shipped late summer/early autumn.

‘OO’ gauge SECR 10t van & 'OO' gauge SECR two-plank ballast wagon:

Both are in production and completed model images are expected soon

‘OO’ gauge VIX ferry van

In production. The first parts have been injected and further updates expected as this progresses.

‘OO’ gauge GWR ‘Iron Mink’ & ‘OO’ gauge GWR four-plank open

Also in production. The first parts should have been injected and further updates expected as this progresses.

‘N’ gauge Class 28 Co-Bo

This is waiting for a slot in production and work is expected to start in August.

‘OO’ gauge OAA wagon

Production is due to start imminently.

1:76 scale Bedford OB

The first samples are due to ship imminently. Rapido will share once available.

‘N’ Gauge ‘Conflat P’

Rapido have just received new samples with a revised coupling system and are pleased to report that these wagons now run beautifully

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