New Gaugemaster Prodigy System

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The Gaugemaster prodigy range has been expanded with the addition of the DCC07 The Prodigy Advance Wi-Fi Digital Control System.

Many of you will be familiar with our Prodigy Advance system which has been the mainstay of the reliable range for many years now, and why change it now? Well, we haven't, we have expanded it! The Prodigy Advance is now available and supplied with the Wifi Interface unit in one handy package.

Whether you want to control your Prodigy from your phone or traditional handset, with the DCC07 you can do both. This is the first time the Prodigy Advance is available with both the standard handset and Wi-Fi module which means you can instantly have additional users as standard.
Why Choose DCC?
DCC allows you to run it anywhere on your railway at the same time as other trains are moving as well. You can operate points (individually or route set) and signals from the Walkaround. You can use it to programme your decoders to replicate the running characteristics of your locomotives, or even introduce a speed clock that allows you to run a 24-hour timetable within one operating session.

The possibilities are almost endless with DCC and with locomotives becoming available with factory-fitted decoders and sound decoders, we are entering an exciting new era. Of course, you can also retrofit older locomotives with decoders too. The handset in this pack is fitted with a clear and bright blue backlit display, ideal for users operating a railway in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.
Wi-Fi Too?

The Standandard Prodigy Advance is a very popular unit and we have decided to add a further element to this package to enhance your model railway experience - The Prodigy Wi-Fi adapter.
This Unit gives Android and iOS users the option to operate their Prodigy system with a smartphone or tablet. This means you have greater flexibility to control your layout, both alone and with multiple controllers.

The Prodigy WiFi is compatible with the JMRI Engine Driver (Android) and WiThrottle (iOS) apps. Versions of both apps are free to download, so you can download the relevant app before-hand to take a look at how it works.

The Apps are for operating the layout and accessories but do not allow reading or programming, so keep your original handset safe. You can also use your handset and WiFi devices together, simply remember to set the Cab number higher than your last handset number.

• Prodigy Advance² Unit
• Prodigy Wifi Unit
• Connection Cables
• Power Supply
• Mains Plug
• Detailed Instructions

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