Gaugemaster Collection Exclusive OO Gauge Class 86

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Just last week we received Heljan's new OO Gauge Clas 86 locomotives. Today it's the limited and exclusive release of the Gaugemaster Collection Freightliner Powerhaul Class 86's, the detailing on these models is superb with a high amount of individual parts. Order today at £194.95 (RRP £229.95)
GM4240301 Class 86 637 Freightliner Powerhaul
GM4240302 Class 86 622 Freightliner Powerhaul
General Spec:
- Sprung Buffers
- Exterior Detail
- Interior Detail
- Beautifully Painted Body
- 21 Pin DCC Ready
- Cast Profiled Wheels with Appropriate Colouring
- All Wheel Pick-ups
Specification & Background
Freightliner inherited a large fleet of thirty Class 86/6 freight-dedicated locomotives, most of which had previously been operated by Railfreight Distribution, but some came from Rail Express Systems. The fleet consisted of locomotives in many different obsolete liveries so, from 1995, Freightliner started to apply its newly introduced livery. This was based on the previous Trainload two-tone grey, with the addition of Freightliner's red triangle logo.
In 1998, following the introduction of the rebuilt Class 57 diesel locomotives, Freightliner introduced a new livery of racing green with yellow cabsides. The first Class 86 to appear in this livery was no. 86631, which was hurriedly repainted for display at an open day at Toton. The majority of the fleet have slowly been treated over the years, such that by the end of 2004, only a handful remained in the original two-tone grey livery. Two locomotives (nos. 86622/637) were subsequently repainted in Freightliner Powerhaul Livery.
These are to be replaced in the by Class 90s, sent off lease by Greater Anglia, making it the end of regular use for the class after 55 years of service.

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