Exclusive Class 313 Units & T7 Pack

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We are pleased to announce three new exclusive N Gauge products. 

Network Rail’s 313121 test train in yellow livery, Southern’s 313201 in revised BR Blue/Grey and a twin-pack containing the Arlington Fleet Services T7 vehicles used as translators for multiple unit moves.

The models are being produced by Revolution Trains and are available exclusively from Rails of Sheffield.

313121 was converted in 2013 at Wembley to enable engineers to test the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and painted into a yellow livery.

The former commuter unit was chosen for this role as it can operate on either overhead and third rail power and has can be used on restricted gauge routes. 

In 2017 Class 313 pioneer 313201 (former 313001) was repainted by Beacon Rail and Govia into BR Blue (with with grey doors to conform to modern accessibility regulations) to mark more than four decades of service given by the class.

313201 also took part in the recent ‘Class 313 Farewell’ railtour from Brighton to Portsmouth and Hastings recently.

In 2014 two outer driving cars from unit 508207 were converted at Arlington in Eastleigh into translator units coded T7 to enable locomotives with standard hook and shackle couplers to move multiple units fitted with tightlock couplers.

The two vehicles, 64664 and 64707, were painted bright green and named Liwet and Labezerin in 2016.  Often seen travelling to and from deliveries behind a GBRf Class 66, the pair offer a complete train in a single box.

The models feature a working tightlock couplers at the cab ends and standard N gauge couplers, with working directional red tail lights, at the non-cab ends.

Only a small allocation is being produced, so pre-ordering is highly recommended.

Decorated samples (shown above) are currently being approved by Revolution Trains before the models go into full production. 

The models are currently expected to arrive Q1 / Q2 2024.

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