Rapido Trains UK 924001 Advanced Passenger Train APT-E 4 Car Set

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We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we’re producing another batch of ‘OO’ gauge APT-Es!

The National Railway Museum has given us permission to produce a further run of this record-breaking gas turbine tilting train as a standalone Rapido Trains UK product.

We do need to stress that, unlike the first batch, this version will not come with all the extras, such as commemorative booklet and limited edition packaging. But the model itself is just the same marvel of miniature engineering that we produced back in 2016.

  • Two Power Cars, each with a five-pole, skew-wound motor and flywheel
  • Two Trailer Cars with articulated Swinging Arm Trailer Bogies
  • 3D scanned exterior for accurate body contours
  • Operating tilt mechanism and close coupling system
  • Full interior detail including illuminated test instrumentation
  • Working headlamps, tail lamps and interior lighting
  • Accurate sounds produced from archival footage
  • Designed for drop-in wheelset conversion to ‘P4’ and ‘EM’ scale
  • Working tilt system