Rapido Trains UK 921016 BR ‘Conflat P' Triple Pack A (No.s B932869, B933387, B933059 with crimson containers)

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Rapido Trains UK unveils ‘N’ gauge model of famous ‘Condor’ four-wheel container wagon.

Rapido Trains UK is delighted to announce that ‘N’ gauge modellers will now be able to replicate one of BR’s most famous freight service with our new ‘Conflat P’ wagons.

BR created 60 Diagram 1/60 ‘Conflat Ps’ for the introduction of the Anglo-Scottish ‘Condor’ service in 1959. They were rebuilt from Dia. 1/431 and 1/432 ‘Plate’ wagons and were fitted with roller bearings and new suspension along with a central girder in order to carry one Type BD Rapido Trains UK unveils ‘N’ gauge model of famous ‘Condor’ four-wheel container wagon. BR ‘Conflat P’ wagons container as well as a Type A.

The ‘Conflat Ps’ served ‘Condor’ until 1964 when they were replaced with a batch of bogie wagons. All the redundant ‘Conflat Ps’ were rebuilt as ‘Timber Ps’ and were a common sight on timber traffic on the West Highland Railway until 1981.

This has been a challenging project thanks to a dearth of research material. There are literally only a handful of published ‘Conflat P’ photographs and drawings are just as scant. We’ve combined official drawings of the ‘Plate’ wagon with Paul Bartlett’s and Trevor Mann’s research to make as best a guess on the internal structure as possible. The other challenge is that, unlike something a ‘Conflat A’, the ‘Conflat P’ has no floor. All the chassis beams are visible and so there are very few places to attach things such as the brake pipes.

Our ‘Conflat Ps’ boast an impressive spec:

  • NEM coupler pockets
  • Metal bearings for smooth running
  • Finely detailed with chassis members visible.
  • PLUS all-new Type A and Type BD containers.