Rapido Trains UK 900010 Birmingham "New Look" Guy Arab - WMPTE #3082 (MOF 82) - 82 BEARWOOD VIA DUDLEY ROAD

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Product Description

Our Birmingham City Transport‘New Look’ Guy Arabs set new standards for 1:76 scale road vehicles, with its fine detail, full in-terior, pose-able front wheels and full lighting.

Thanks to the success of the first run of models, we’ve produced a further 11 ‘New Looks’ with registration numbers,bus numbers and destinations that we’ve never before offered.

Our stunning 1:76 scale model buses boast many innovative features:

  • 100% accurate proportions based on laser scan of real buses
  • Injection-moulded plastic and metal construction
  • All body weld lines, extrusions and rivets accurately rendered
  • Full, multi-coloured interior with no large posts blocking aisles
  • Separate etched-metal interior grab poles
  • Pose-able front wheels with rubber tyres
  • Flush glazing throughout
  • Working headlamps & interior lighting
  • Illuminated destination blinds