PSG-3 Pecoscene Pro Grass Precision Applicator

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Product Description

For situations when grass detail needs to be applied in areas where there is limited space, then the new Pecoscene Static Grass Pro Grass Precision Applicator is the tool that modellers will need to use.

Perfect for putting scrubby grass growth around buildings, along the track, between the rails, under bridges, and so on. You get the picture! The larger Pro Grass Micro Applicator (PSG-1) is ideal for larger open expanses of scenery, but not so handy when it comes to restricted areas. The pack also includes a couple of starter packs of static grass and a small tub of basing glue. Working off a standard 9v battery, the applicator is really just a miniature version of the PSG-1, with the electronics and battery contained within the separate box, and grass is put into the hopper at the end of the applicator itself, and applied in the usual way. This is a really useful accessory, and like the Micro Applicator, will be a hit with modellers.