Flangeway IS20LE/IS21LEW Pair of Tinsley ZZA Snowploughs, ADB 965308 "Snow King" & ADB 965309 "Snow Queen" (Custom Weathered)

  • IS20LE/IS21LEW
  • Flangeway
  • OO Gauge Scale
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Pair of Independent ZZA Snowplough.

Tinsley, Railfreight Distribution Sector triple grey.


IS20LE ADB 965308 Snow King
IS21LE ADB 965309 Snow Queen

ADB 965308 ‘Snow King’ & ADB 965309 ‘Snow Queen’. Railfreight Distribution Sector triple grey. Tinsley depot based, although they saw use at Buxton and the surrounding areas. These are the only two in that livery, 1990s.