Oxford Diecast 76TIP001 Hoveringham AEC Ergomatic 6 Wheel Tipper

Hoveringham AEC Ergomatic 6 Wheel Tipper
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Product Description

Hoveringham Gravel Ltd began its extractions in 1939 in Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire. Whilst excavating in the early days, Hoveringham's machinery unearthed prehistoric bones and artefacts, including mammoth remains. They subsequently adopted the mammoth as their company logo. Hoveringham was taken over in 1982 by Tarmac. Oxford's 6-wheel tipper is full of detail with chrome grille, silver painted bumper, door handles and steps, silver on black registration plate and black on silver Hoveringham lettering above the cab window. Note also the mammoth logo on the side doors of the cab. This model has the registration WAL 326G .