Liliput L133131 2-unit set of railcar, power unit 5146 and cab car 6546, ÖBB, period

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2 pcs. Set of branch railcar 5146 with control car 6546 of the ÖBB, epoch IV

Railcar, series 5146/6546 of the ÖBB

The ÖBB procured the 5146 series diesel railcars for local traffic on main and branch lines. These railcars were built by Simmering-Graz-Pauker (SGP) between 1959 and 1961. They operated together with the control cars of the 6546 series and sometimes with intermediate cars on non-electrified routes in Lower Austria. Various conversions were documented by changing the series designation (5146.1 ff or 5146.2 ff). The top speed was 100 km / h. From 1987, the aging railcars were gradually replaced by the new 5047 series, in 1997 the last one was retired. The 5146.205 was sold to the Südburgenländische Regionalbahn (SRB), the two railcars 5146.203 and 5146.206 to the Raab-Ödenburger Eisenbahn (GySEV). Some vehicles have been preserved in a museum.


Diesel branch line railcar, series 5146 of the ÖBB with control car of the series 6546, blue / beige with "Pflatsch"
Road numbers 5146.204-2 and 6546.208-7

- Operating condition around 1989
- LüP 282 mm and 264 mm

• Tail light and interior lighting on the railcars can be switched digitally and analog
• Changing headlights on the control car can be controlled digitally