Kato 10-1575 JR Series 321 Kyoto-Kobe-Tozai 4 Car Add on Set

  • 10-1575
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
JR Series 321 Kyoto-Kobe-Tozai 4 Car Add on Set
JR Series 321 Kyoto-Kobe-Tozai 4 Car Add on Set
JR Series 321 Kyoto-Kobe-Tozai 4 Car Add on Set
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Product Description

10-1575 Series 321 JR Kyoto · Kobe · Tozai Line additional set (4 cars) We will commercialize 321 series active in the Keihanshin area in the current form. It is operated by JR Kyoto Line / JR Kobe Line (Tokaido / Sanyo Main Line) and JR Takarazuka Line (Fukuchiyama Line) after the appearance of December 2005, and by the opening of JR Tozai Line in 2008, the same line and Gakken Urban Line It is a vehicle that can be seen active in a wide range of areas, such as driving to the (Katamachi Line) and direct driving to the Yamato Line (Kansai Main Line) via the Osaka East Line. This is a recommended product for those who already have the 321 series, because it is commercialized in a different car number from existing products. In addition to weak cold car notation, notations such as women-only car stickers reproduce what is seen in the current 321 series, you can also enjoy the display of the current design with the route sign in the model. In addition to "Osaka Higashi Line" which was extended business last month with attached destination indication seal, we can reproduce operation mode of manuscript playing an active part in each line to preference. Main features -The D12 formation belonging to the current Abashiri integrated vehicle station Akashi branch office is a prototype. · We reproduce wheelchair mark and stroller mark of the first car, weak cold car notation seen in the second and sixth cars and female special car notation of the fifth car. -Reproduce the figure was removed the front number indicator of the leading car. · Uses a proven flywheel-mounted power unit. Achieves stable driving. · The connector at the top of the leading car is reproduced with a dummy coupler. The middle connection unit is equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler tight (with hook) as standard. -Head / tail lights on. Reproduce the color of the fog light of the car in yellow. · The front display "A normal Nishi Akashi" has been installed. Replacement front display included. · The destination display portion on the side is printed in black. · Destination indication seal attached. Includes content tailored to the operation after the revision of March 16 (2019). In addition to the operation of JR Kyoto Line, JR Kobe Line, JR Takarazuka Line, JR Tozai Line, and JR Gakken Urban Line, it is also possible to reproduce Yamato Line direct rapid express via Osaka East Line. -The package is in the paper box with the basic set. Additional sets can be stored in a 7-car typebook case, with 3 basic sets. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212