Heljan 2058 Class 03 (Un-numbered) Industrial Yellow Diesel Shunter (Conical Exhaust)

Class 03 (Un-numbered) Industrial Yellow Diesel Shunter (Conical Exhaust)
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BR's standard small diesel shunter was seen all over England and Wales from the late-1950s, oft en being used to shunt goods yards or acting as station pilots. They became closely associated with several key locati ons, including Newcastle, York, Norwich, Birkenhead Docks, the Weymouth Quay tramway, the Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley line in South Wales and the Isle o f Wight. Class 03s also saw widespread industrial use in the 1990s and a small number were even exported to Belgium and Italy. Our mode ls feature either conical or 'flowerpot' exhausts.


  • 21 pin DCC interface
  • DCC Ready
  • Working lights
  • Sprung buffers


  • BUILT BY BR Swindon/Doncaster Works
  • NUMBER SERIES D2000-2199, D2370-99 (later 03004-199, 03370-399)
  • SERVICE CAREER 1957 - 1985
  • PURPOSE Shunting and Local Freight Services


  • LENGTH 148mm