Design Preservation Models DPM80300 Aunt Eleanor's House

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Product Description

You can almost smell the apple pie cooking in Aunt Elanor's kitchen and hear the hum of friendly conversation. Aunt Eleanor's house is representative of the typical modest, Victorian styled homes commonly found in small towns and rural farm areas. The house includes Victorian architectural features, such as tall, narrow windows and doors with intricate wood trim and a generous splash of bric-a-brac.

Aunt Eleanor's House is composite of typical period architectural details and not a model of a specific prototype. See photos for footprint.

Landscape and accessories not included. Click Contents to view list of included materials.


Colours may vary from actual product.


Kit includes:

  • 7 Walls
  • 4 Roof Sections
  • 4 Gables
  • 1 Backdoor Awning
  • 2 Awning Supports
  • 1 Backdoor Stoop
  • 1 Porch Floor
  • 1 Porch Roof
  • 1 Chimney
  • 1 set Porch Column and Railing Details
  • 1 sheet Clear Window Material
  • Instructions