Design Preservation Models DPM80200 Kirsten's Corner Cafe Building Kit

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Product Description

Bacon sizzles, eggs fry and coffee is constantly brewing at Kirsten's Corner Café. Kirsten's has typical architectural details found in commercial Victorian architecture during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. The café is designed with a tall ornate cornice and the frame is modeled as an asymmetrical corner structure design with a squared Queen Anne bay second story window. Kirsten's Corner Café is a composite of typical period architectural details and not a model of a specific prototype.


Kit includes:

  • 4 Walls
  • 1 Entry door
  • 1 Bay window
  • 2 Window sides
  • 1 Cornice
  • 1 Chimney
  • 1 sheet Roof Material
  • 5 Roof Support Materials
  • 4 sheets Clear Window Material
  • Instructions