DCC Concepts DCS-ST80 80 Watt Soldering Station with Digital Temperature Control

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Product Description

80 Watt Soldering Station with Digital Temperature Control

A superb soldering station packed with all the features expected from today’s soldering equipment. Automatic standby and Power Down modes, Digital Display, ESD safe, Password Lockable and 3 separate temperature presets – all precisely controllable using the digital controller unit.

Good for white metal and brass kits, track, wiring and decoder installations – the lot!

The iron heats up in less than 30 seconds to the set temperature which is anywhere on a huge range between 150°C and 480°C. Included in your pack, you will receive:

  • Temperature controller
  • Soldering iron handpiece with tip
  • Soldering iron stand
  • Tip cleaning sponge
  • Mains lead
  • Instruction booklet

Out of the box it has a standard small conical tip for finer wiring on PCBs and we have chosen to add a very versatile T18-C2 tip which has an excellent profile for track use, wiring and all general hobby soldering (we prefer this tip type for many soldering jobs).