Dapol 7S-006-051 58xx Class GWR Shirtbutton Green 5809 - Steam Tank Locomotive

  • 7S-006-051
  • Dapol
  • O Gauge Scale
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The 14XX was a GWR tank locomotive designed for branch line passenger and freight work. It was originally classified as the 4800 Class when introduced in 1932, and renumbered in 1946. Although the design is attributed to Collett, much of the actual locomotive was derived from the earlier 19th century George Armstrong designed 517 Class.

Entering service in 1932, in all 75 were built and ran well into the 1960s with four surviving into preservation. An autocoach was often combined with a 14XX on many branch line operations. The driving cab on the autocoach meant that the locomotive could be controlled from there and negated the requirement to run the locomotive round at the end of the journey. This format was known as a push-pull train. The Dapol 14XX and autocoach will complement each other very nicely of any GWR based layout.

Features of the 14XX include:

  • Die-cast running plate
  • Fully compensated die-cast chassis
  • Die-cast and profiled wheels
  • High level of separately applied detail
  • Flickering fire light effect
  • Removable cab roof for ease of posing your locomotive crew
  • Sprung metal buffers and articulated screw coupling
  • Dapol’s proven motor and gearbox offering exceptional smooth performance and slow running capabilities
  • DCC Ready, incorporating Dapol’s new ‘Quick-fit’ DCC and speaker design
  • Un-numbered versions of each livery will be available so that you can model your local locomotive