Dapol 7F-061-002 Bogie Bolster E YNV 923444 Bauxite

  • 7F-061-002
  • Dapol
  • O Gauge Scale
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Product Description

The ‘Bogie Bolster E’ was the last of a new design built for British Railways and built before the introduction of air-braked types. It was the smallest of the standard Bogie Bolsters and 1,200 were built to diagram No. 1/479 with a carrying capacity of 30 tons.


  • Minimum 2nd radius curve
  • Plastic body and underframe detail
  • Diecast chassis
  • Bogies made from separate metal parts
  • Spring buffers
  • Pin-point axles
  • O Gauge society Standard wheel profile.


  • Fully detailed body 
  • Deck Movable 
  • Posable bolsters
  • Fitted Movable posable stanchions supplied in detail bag
  • Separately fitted metal tie down rings
  • Finely moulded and etched stainless steel detail where applicable
  • Separate handrails
  • End steps
  • Lamp brackets.
  • Highly detailed underframe with correct profiled bracing
  • Highly detailed bogies made from separate metal parts
  • All buffer beam accessories fitted.