Dapol 7F-051-051W 5 Plank LMS Grey 24372 - Weathered

  • 7F-051-051W
  • Dapol
  • O Gauge Scale
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In the early days of the railways most freight wagons were open wagons and were used to carry all types of goods. If the load was more delicate it was often protected with tarpaulin sheets. These wagons got progressively larger as locomotives became more powerful and demand for rail freight increased.

In the 1923 the Railway Clearance House (RCH) laid down standards and specifications for open wagons and 5 plank wagons with a load capacity of 10 tons became the standard general good wagon and many thousands were built.

7 and 8 plank wagons were generally manufactured for transporting coal and coke and were extremely numerous. All these types of wagons were used well into the 1960’s.

These model 5 Plank Wagons are modelled on two designs, one based on a 9' wheelbase with a capacity of 10 tons and one based on a 10' wheelbase with a 12 ton capacity.


  • Opening side doors
  • Metal sprung buffers
  • 3 Link metal coupling chain and sprung coupling hook
  • Finely profiled metal wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets
  • Extremely detailed and accurate body shell and chassis with all internal details represented


  • WIDTH 54mm
  • HEIGHT 53mm