Dapol 7F-037-004 BR Conflat A B735200 BD Bauxite Container 46577B Door to Door

  • 7F-037-004
  • Dapol
  • O Gauge Scale
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  • Diecast Chassis
  • Compensation beam for smooth running
  • Injection moulded body and detail parts
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Sprung couplings
  • Diecast 3 hole wheels with blackened steel tyres. Wheels suitable for fine standard track
  • Expertly applied livery
  • Vacuum Fitted Morton brake gear—Both Vacuum & non-fitted

Great Western ‘H7’ Conflat and container bodies – 3 versions initially available G.W.R. BK2 (illustrated) & BD2 and B.R. BD furniture and general purpose containers Made and decorated in Chirk.

Containers and the special wooden decked conflat wagons used to convey them were produced in great numbers by all four of the railway companies. They allowed door to door deliveries via road, rail and road again without the requirement for the good to be handled at each leg. In the main they were used for furniture removal, although some were built with insulation for refrigerated use. Post nationalisation BR built over 10,000 containers which continued into service until the arrival of the modern standard ISO containers in the 1960s.