Dapol 4S-043-001S GWR Mogul 2-6-0 Locomotive #6336 in Green, lettered "Great Western" - DCC Sound Fitted

  • 4S-043-001S
  • Dapol
  • OO Gauge Scale
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OO Gauge GWR Mogul 2-6-0 Locomotive Specification (Vary dependant on version) The locomotive has a die cast chassis with a five pole motor driving rear wheels. The add compensation the centre driving wheels are sprung, the front pony truck is also sprung and operates on a cam so the model will negotiate R2 curves with ease.

To portray these locomotives over their lifetime many details have been drawn up as follows:

  • Churchward Taper Buffers
  • Collett Straight Shank Buffers
  • Smokebox with/without cylinder steam pipes
  • Tall Vacuum pipe for early versions
  • Lower vacuum pipe for later period
  • Tall safety valve cover
  • Short safety valve cover
  • Smoke box top mounted lamp bracket
  • Smoke box door mounted lamp bracket for B.R period
  • Smoke box number plate for B.R period
  • Hinged fall plate
  • The tender is a standard Churchward 3,500 gallon type

Technical Specification:

  • A slide in PCB offers simple ‘tool-free’ installation of a NEXT-18 DCC decoder and a ’no-solder’ speaker connection. This board slides through the smoke box door and connects directly to the locomotive mother board
  • The tender to locomotive drawbar includes reliable electrical connections moulded within the close-coupling push0fit coupling. Tis eliminates wired plugs and unreliable wiper style connections
  • The locomotive and tender have electrical pick-up on all driving and tender wheels
  • An optional base reflex speaker can be fitted into the tender, An audio frequency filter is integrated within the main locomotive PCB to ensure each speaker reproduces within it’s ideal frequency range.
  • Fireblow glow (synchronised with sound*)
  • Dapol’s proven slow speed mechanism and high torque motor
  • Enhance your driving experience with our feature RealDrive*

*Factory fitted models only