Dapol 4F-043-009 Turbot Bogie Ballast Wagon EWS Livery No.978105

  • 4F-043-009
  • Dapol
  • OO Gauge Scale
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Product Description

General Spec:

  • Scale 1:76.2 (4mm = 1ft)
  • Minimum 2nd radius (438mm /17 & 1⁄4 inch) curve
  • Plastic body and underframe detail
  • Diecast chassis
  • Spring buffers
  • Profiled & blacked wheels to OO gauge society standard Pin-point axles
  • NEM couplings (removable if required)
  • UK standard Hook and bar couplers

Body spec:

  • Fully detailed body with separately moulded side doors and stanchions (to allow ease of kit bashing!) Interior floor, door and stanchion details
  • Door ‘balance’ spring and arm detailing
  • Finely moulded and etched stainless steel detail where applicable
  • Separate handrails, end steps and lamp brackets. Highly details underframe with correct profiled bracing Highly detailed bogies

Accessory pack contents:

  • Buffer beam pipes
  • Operating ‘Instanter’ coupling
  • NEM compatible drawbar (to replace regular coupling at the modellers option)