Dapol 4F-015-018 Fruit Mex GWR 38255 - Weathered

  • 4F-015-018
  • Dapol
  • OO Gauge Scale
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Product Description

Due to changes in legislature, the transport of cattle and other livestock traditionally performed by rail was changed in a very short space of time to road. This resulted in large numbers of redundant cattle wagons. Many of these wagons were converted for alternative uses and one such was the Fruit Mex which was produced by adding slatted panels to the top section of the body of a standard GWR Mex B 8 ton cattle wagon.

In this form it was ideally suited to cope with the considerable amounts of fresh fruit traffic, particularly strawberries from the West Country and Vale of Evesham. These wagons carried the simple appellation ‘Fruit’ to identify them, and an identical build was also used to carry ale casks.

These Fruit Mex wagons are highly detailed and will be a great addition to your rolling stock.


  • Profiled wheels
  • Superbly printed livery and details
  • NEM pockets with self-centring couplings
  • Highly detailed body and chassis moulding


  • WIDTH 33mm
  • HEIGHT 48mm