Dapol 4A-002-008 GWR Water Tower (Flat Top) Grey - Motorised with sounds

  • 4A-002-008
  • Dapol
  • OO Gauge Scale
GWR Water Tower (Flat Top) Grey - Motorised with sounds
GWR Water Tower (Flat Top) Grey - Motorised with sounds
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Product Information

Product Description

Motorised version

The Dapol water tower brings a little fun back into the hobby. Dapol have provided a realistic series of sounds and a selection of voiceover comments, several of which involve the driver berating his fireman for mucking it all up.

The highly detailed exterior of the model will not look out of place on any discerning modellers layout, with a non-motorised version available for the traditional modeller. The sound effects and animation however bring a little audible and visual stimulation to a locomotive servicing area that will entertain adults and children alike. The sound effects can be turned off for those times when you just want to relax and run some trains around your layout in peace and quiet.

Highly Detailed Model:

  • OO operating model
  • Flexible delivery pipe (can be trimmed to suit your preference)
  • Etched parts
  • Water valve and positioning chains
  • Drain grill
  • Tether post
  • Frost prevention heater

Operating and Electrical features:

  • 12v DC/AC or DCC operation
  • Remote switch actuated
  • Optional relay PCB for DCC control
  • Optional power and switch extension cables  Fill pipe rotates 900 with sound effects

Sound Effects:

  • Normal fill or overflow (single or double switch operation)
  • Random speech comments:

During fill (if overflow):

  • There’s waters spilling all over the place
  • Quick mate! - Let go of that chain!
  • Blimey it’s overflowing. Look out!
  • Blooming trainees. Too slow. Too slow!
  • I should have worn me blessed wellies!
  • I said for you to keep an eye on it

Filling completed:

  • Right we’re ready to go
  • Ready mate, she’s full!
  • That’ll see us over the top!
  • Grab the token, we’re off!