Dapol 2P-000-270 Collett Coach BR Chocolate Cream Brake Composite W6539

  • 2P-000-270
  • Dapol
  • N Gauge Scale
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Charles Collett (1871-1952) succeeded G.J Churchward as Chief Mechanical Engineer of the GWR in 1922. Collett has been accredited more with the implementation of the locomotives designed and planned by his predecessor than of his own original works.

Collett also made huge improvements on the manufacturing processes, design improvements and standardisation within the GWR. This can perhaps be best appreciated on his design of the coaches of the GWR. His Collett coaches were produced as a result of stringent testing and standardisation of the best bogie designs to ensure the carriages offered the optimum ride and comfort.

Several Collett coaches survive on heritage railways today.

The DCC Compatible Plug-In Lighting Bars are an optional extra and can be easily fitted to illuminate the coach from within. The light bars are available either yellow, for incandescent lighting, or white, for modern lighting.


  • Metal Wheels
  • Sprung Couplings
  • NEM coupling as standard
  • Detailed Printing and Livery Detail
  • Highly detailed body, underframe, and bogies


  • LENGTH 130mm
  • WIDTH 18mm
  • HEIGHT 26mm