Dapol 2F-019-008 Blue Spot Fish Van (white) #E87948

  • 2F-019-008
  • Dapol
  • N Gauge Scale
Blue Spot Fish Van (white) #E87948
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Until relatively recently, with the advent of fast refrigerated road transport, rail was popular for the efficient and fast transportation of fish. It was this ability of rail to deliver fresh fish over great distances that enabled Grimsby to become the world’s largest fishing port. Post nationalisation, British Rail adopted a LNER design of fish van, where the fish was pre-packed in ice and transported in an specially insulated wagon, as its standard design of fish van.

Several hundred of these fish vans were built by the Faverdale Wagon Works, near Darlington between 1954 and 1961 and, when in use, were generally painted all white with a blue spot. These vans were often seen in rakes of between 10 and 20 vans and were often pulled by the fast express locos of the time.


  •  Accurately applied livery and printed details
  •  NEM pockets with long & short spare knuckle couplings
  •  Highly detailed body with finely moulded rib and chassis detail


  •  WIDTH 17mm
  •  HEIGHT 24mM