BRIO World - Special Edition 2020 Silver Metro Train

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Product Description

The Special Edition Train (2020) is an eye-catching addition to any BRIO World railway. This special Metro Train with silver metallic surfaces, realistic graphics and high gloss finish certainly shines as it rides the rails and would look at home in any of the world’s metro networks. Both the metro engine and passenger wagon feature opening doors with space for BRIO World figures, as well as the standard magnetic connections. Don’t miss your opportunity to snap up this limited-edition train complete with play figure wearing modern headphones.

Includes 1x Train, 1x Carriage, 1x Figure.

The item measures 17 x 3.7 x 4.8cm.

Suitable for ages 3 Years and up.

Crafted using high-quality plastics and fine metal details. We know that children sometimes play with toys in other ways than expected. That’s why we test our products thoroughly with strict safety requirements which in many cases are tougher than the legal requirements.