Bachmann 38-428ZW Custom Weathered Polybulk Bogie Hopper Wagon 'Tiger-Nacco' Green & Grey

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Custom Weathered Polybulk Bogie Hopper Wagon 'Tiger-Nacco' Green & Grey

Exclusive to Rails of Sheffield. 

Built in the mid-1970s by French rolling stock manufacturer Fauvet Girel, these distinctive covered hopper wagons were employed on a variety of traffic across the UK and to/from Europe. Payloads included lime, sand, china clay and more.

Bachmann first introduced its new ‘OO’ gauge model in late 2013, although there have been few releases since then. That is until now, as Rails of Sheffield has commissioned the manufacturer to produce two exclusive models of the vehicles finished as TIGER-NACCO branded Grey and Green (32-428Z) and Plain Grey with TIGER and NACCO labels (32-429Z). 

Weighing in at 90g each, these latest arrivals feature the same high level of detail with separately applied handrails, ladders, guard rails, etched walkway, handbrake wheels, lamp irons, buffer rungs, discharge chute wheels and anchor points, as well as neatly moulded pipework and hood opening mechanism and equipment. Underneath, detailing includes discharge chutes and brake cylinders.

As with the original releases, each features a wealth of superbly printed lettering and labelling – some of which includes tri-lingual English/French/German instructions – printed on the hood opening mechanism at one end. Neatly printed train ferry labels, together with TIGER/NACCO branding, instructions and compartment lettering (A-E) also feature.

Darkened metal buffer heads, turned metal plain disc wheels and small tension lock couplings in NEM coupler pockets.