Bachmann 31-491 Class 410 4BEP 4 Car EMI 7010 BR Blue / Grey

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Era 6/7

The Class 410 (or 4BEP) electrical multiple units (7003 to 7012) were delivered from Eastleigh works in 1958/59. The 4BEP was conceived alongside the existing 4CEP to provide buffet accommodation and were often to be found as the centre 4 coaches in a 12 car formation between two 4CEP units, but could also be found running singularly or paired with a single 4CEP.

The models feature full underfloor equipment, dedicated coupling system, internal lighting and illuminated train head code boxes.


  • Accessory pack

  • Interior lighting

  • Directional lighting


The British Rail Class 410 (or 4-BEP) electric multiple units were a variant of the class 411 design, which contained a buffet car in place of a standard trailer. They were later used on services in Sussex and Hampshire. Following the privatisation of British Rail in 1995, the units were used on Connex South Central, Connex South Eastern and South West Trains franchises. They were ultimately replaced by Juniper and Electrostar units during the industry’s drive to eliminate ‘slam-door’ rolling stock for reasons of safety and modernisation. The buffet car is an entirely new tooling to make the 4-BEP a truly accurate representation of the prototype.