Class 57/0 57009 DRS Compass (Original) - DCC Sound By Bachmann | Code: 32-754ASF | OO Gauge

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  • Class 57/0 57009 DRS Compass (Original) - DCC Sound
  • Class 57/0 57009 DRS Compass (Original) - DCC Sound
  • Class 57/0 57009 DRS Compass (Original) - DCC Sound
  • Class 57/0 57009 DRS Compass (Original) - DCC Sound
  • Class 57/0 57009 DRS Compass (Original) - DCC Sound
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Product information

Product code 32-754ASF
Manufacturer Bachmann
Product category Class 57 , Diesel/Electric Loco ,
Product scale OO Gauge

Product description

Class 57/0 No. 57009 DRS Compass (Original) livery. Featuring interior cab lighting and directional lighting, and for a fully authentic experience this model is also SOUND FITTED!

SOUND FITTED model features realistic running sounds including various Horns, Coasting Feature, Uncoupling Cycle and much more; see full details of the sound functions below.


  • Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine DRS Livery
  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Interior Cab Lighting
  • Directional Lighting
  • Fitted with a Driver
  • SOUND FITTED - See below for function list
  • Length 265mm (over couplings)


  • F0 - Directional Lights & Switch Sound
  • F1 - On - Fuel Pump On - Warm Engine Start
  • F1 - On / Off - Fuel Pump On - Failed Engine Start
  • F1 - On / Off / On - Fuel Pump On - Cold Engine Start
  • F2 - Brake (Function & Sound)
  • F3 - Single Horn (Playable)
  • F4 – Two Tone Horn (Variable, see notes)
  • F5 - Heavy Load (Function & Sound)
  • F6 - Coasting (With F5 Off) / Manual Notch Down (F21 On)
  • F7 - Max Revs (With F5 Off) / Manual Notch Up (F21 On)
  • F8 - On - Coupling Up / Off - Uncoupling
  • F9 - Flange Squeal (Speed Dependant)
  • F10 - Air Dump
  • F11 - Spirax Valve
  • F12- Guard’s Whistle & Driver’s Response
  • F13 - Cab Light & Switch Sound
  • F14 - Auto Uncouple Cycle
  • F15 - On - Driver’s Door Open / Off - Driver’s Door Shut
  • F16 - AWS Horn
  • F17 - AWS Bell
  • F18 – On - Sound Fades Out / Off - Sound Fades In
  • F19 - Mute / Volume - Cycles through 6 Levels
  • F20 - Station Announcement
  • F21 - On - Manual Notching Logic On / Off - Manual Notching Logic Off
  • F22 - Sanding Valve

Analogue Users: Directional lights and basic Prime Mover (engine) sounds, which vary with speed, plus any other automated sounds, can be enjoyed when using this model on analogue control (DC) straight from the box!


The British Rail Class 57 is a re-engineered locomotive, rebuilt by Brush Traction in Loughborough from redundant Class 47 locomotives between 1997-2004.They are fitted with a refurbished General Motors engine and a reconditioned alternator to improve reliability and performance. Enthusiasts have nicknamed the locomotives 'Bodysnatchers' because the body of the Class 47 has been stripped, rewired and re-engined. In 1997, Freightliner placed an order for six Class 57/0 locomotives, with the first being released to traffic in 1998. Twelve named locomotives were built and finished in the company’s green/yellow livery.

In 2002 Virgin Trains ordered 12 units classified as 57/3, with a revised power unit delivering 2,750hp enabling a top speed of 95mph. They were painted in the company's distinctive livery of red, white and silver and as their primary function was to act as emergency rescue locomotives, they were named after the characters in the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds. The order was increased to a total of 16 and all the locomotives were modified with automatic Delner coupling devices for use with 'Voyager' and 'Pendolino' units.

Brush Engineering developed a passenger demonstrator locomotive, a type 57/6 for the leasing company Porterbrook, which carried a very distinctive silver and purple livery. The locomotive was later purchased by the West Coast Railway Co and was painted in a plain maroon livery with black stripe. In 2003, First Great Western took delivery of four Class 57/6 locomotives, all named after castles, to work the Paddington to Penzance sleeper service.

In 2007, half of the Freightliner fleet was re-leased by Porterbrook to Direct Rail Services. Arriva Trains Wales obtained 3 of Virgin's Class 57/3 locomotives in 2008 and Advenza Freight purchased two ex-Freightliner locomotives, painted in the Advenza Freight livery.