Stroudley 4 Wheel Suburban Oil Lit Composite Mahogany 404 DCC LBF By Dapol | Code: 7P-020-300D | O Gauge

  • Stroudley 4 Wheel Suburban Oil Lit Composite Mahogany 404 DCC LBF
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Product information

Product code 7P-020-300D
Manufacturer Dapol
Product category Carriages/Coaches ,
Product scale O Gauge

Product description

These carriages were constructed between 1870 and 1890 totalling more than 1,500 for local and main line sets. The sets consisted of between eight and eleven coaches each 26ft long on a 15ft wheelbase and were originally close coupled with a bar but later some modified main line coaches were fitted with short buffers and amalgamated into the suburban sets, only the brake ends had long buffers.

Braking initially was only available through the guards hand brake, but later all coaches were fitted with Westinghouse air brakes. Lighting was originally by oil lamps, however many coaches were later converted to gas lighting, and from 1881 some sets were fitted with electric lighting with a dynamo in the brake coach.

Dapol will be offering the oil lit varnished mahogany liveried coaches in the first run. Later, they shall be offering different liveries, and details including gas and electric lighting and Westinghouse brakes. As a minimum a modeller will require one x All Third Brake to operate a train of these coaches. On the suburban range of these coaches the interconnection between coaches will be provided by a prototypical draw bar, only the outer most end of the brave will be fitted with a standard coupling to connect the coaches to the locomotive.

Main line versions of the coach will be fitted with standard three link couplings and short buffers at both ends of each coach. All Brake 3rd coaches will have the prototypical longer buffers at the brake end of the coach.


  • Diecast compensated chassis for excellent riding characteristics
  • Superbly detailed body with many separately added detailed parts
  • Metal sprung buffers (outer end of brake only)
  • Expertly applied livery and decoration
  • Non DCC Fitted and DCC Fitted options are available with Lightbars
  • Two lengths of close coupling bar will be offered with these coaches - A short coupling bar to be used with buffer free coaches and Billington (the successor engineer to Stroudey) conversion to buffers on one coach. A long coupling bar with be offered for converted main line coaches with buffers on both coaches.
  • All close coupled coaches will be able to negotiate R2 curves.
  • An ideal coach to be hauled by the Dapol Terrier Locomotives.


  • MANUFACTURER Stroudley
  • COACH TYPE 4 Wheel Suburban
  • CLASS Composite
  • COLOUR Mahogany
  • LIGHTING VARIATION Oil Lit (Light Bar Fitted)
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH (APROX) 200mm

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