Cruciform Sharpener By DCC Concepts | Code: DCT-TCS | Any Scale

  • Cruciform Sharpener
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Product information

Product code DCT-TCS
Manufacturer DCC Concepts
Product category Tools ,
Product scale Any Scale

Product description

Cruciform Sharpener – sharpens almost any kind of blade.

I used to NEVER sharpen a modelling blade, and to be honest I was also quite reluctant to sharpen the carving knife except at Christmas when I really had no choice! I just wasn’t very good at it, so would just buy new scalpel, razor and X-Acto type blades as often as I needed to change them…! This really effective tool has changed all that. It will sharpen a modelling blade to an edge as good as a new one with just a couple of passes, and it can of course also sharpen any other type of blade knife (including hard to sharpen stay-sharp types), any type of scissors or even the lathe and router bits! It is no exaggeration to say that there is almost nothing it can’t make sharper – We have a client who even uses it to add a good edge to lathe tools! A good friend was asked to try one for me and his telephone call the following day summed it up perfectly. “I could now cleanly cut my throat with every single blade in the house”. No, we don’t think that’s a very good idea, but it DOES say a lot about the effectiveness of this tool!