Light Bar Yellow (Steam) By Dapol | Code: 2A-000-040 | N Gauge

  • Light Bar Yellow (Steam)
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Product information

Product code 2A-000-040
Manufacturer Dapol
Product category Accessories ,
Product scale N Gauge

Product description

These light bars are 'plug and play' for Dapol's Collett coaches but can also be used in any other older coach if the modeller fits the coach with pickup on the wheels. (These give off an orange/yellow light, they can be used in more modern stock to represent older light fittings.) These are DCC compatible and run straight off the track power, they are fitted with an internal rectifire to convert the 16v AC DCC signal to DC to run the lights and will run on DC as well.

(Lights will run constantly on a DCC system but will only come on on an analogue system when power is supplied to the track)

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