BR Class 9F 2-10-0 Locomotive No.92219 By Hornby Railroad | Code: R3942 | OO Gauge

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  • BR Class 9F 2-10-0 Locomotive No.92219
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Product information

Product code R3942
Manufacturer Hornby Railroad
Product category 2020 Range , Steam Locos/Engines ,
Product scale OO Gauge

Product description

Expected: Autumn 2020

One of fifty-three Class 9Fs completed at Swindon Works and the penultimate steam locomotive to be built by British Railways, 92219 entered service on 31 January 1960 paired with seven ton, 5000 gallon BR1G tender No. 1526 and was allocated to Cardiff Canton in the Western Region. Remaining in Cardiff for the entirety of its service life, 92219 was withdrawn from Cardiff East Dock in the first week of September 1968, having completed less than six years in traffic. Sold to Woodham Brothers at Barry scrapyard in October 1965, 92219 remained there until May 1985 when it was moved to the Peak Railway Society at Buxton, being cosmetically restored and stored. Further extended periods of storage at the Midland Railway Centre and Stainmore Railway Company ensued, before 92219 was moved to the Wensleydale Railway in 2014 to once again await restoration.